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For only £40 for a year you can adopt one of our birds. Your adoption package will include: a photo of your chosen bird, a fact sheet, 2x family tickets to visit the centre, certificate of adoption and  your name on our adoption board.  All proceeds go towards the upkeep of our birds. To pay for your adoption package please click on our shop button and to let us know what bird you'd like to adopt please contact us via our Facebook page, Instagram page or by emailing us. Photos of the birds can been seen on the bird adoption section on our shop or on our Facebook page.

The birds you can choose to adopt from are: 

Dakota - Asian Brown Wood Owl
TD - British Barn Owl
Chica - British Barn Owl
Grapple or Haz - Harris Hawks
Sayuri - Bengal Eagle Owl
Zeus - Gyr x Saker x Peregrine Falcon
Twirl - Tawny Owl
Sparky - Southern Boobook Owl
Bowie - British Barn Owl 
Horace - African Spotted Eagle Owl
Harry - Lanner Falcon
Lupin - Southern White-Faced Owl
Rocket - Common Kestrel 
Smokey - Black Barn Owl 
Bandit - Black Barn Owl 
Willow - Common Buzzard
Lily - Mottled Owl

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