*Please note that we are currently having printing errors. If you see a mistake on any part of your adoption package please get in contact with us and we can email or send through the post the replacement part of the adoption package. Proof will be needed.*


Looking for different or unusal gift? Then our bird adoption package is just right for something different for any occasion. For only £40 for a year, you can adopt one of our birds listed here. The adoption package includes: a photo of your chosen bird, a fact sheet, 2x family tickets to visit the centre, certificate of adoption and your name on our adoption board. We’ve also added photos of the birds you can adopt. All proceeds go towards the upkeep and food for our birds. Thank you so much if choose to adopt one of our gorgeous birds of prey. To let us know what bird you'd like to adopt please get in contact with us via our Facebook page, Instagram page or by emailing us. 

Bird Adoption Package